Thursday, 22 May 2014

8 Facts You Need to Know About Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are quite popular and well known across the globe. Rather the Indian weddings are commonly referred to as the big fat Indian wedding everywhere. But, it is pretty interesting to note that a typical Indian wedding ceremony is very unique and has a distinct identity of its own.  Well, there are certainly a number of notable events and features which one can witness in such a wedding. So let’s review some of the most prominent features which are the trademark of a typical wedding. 

1. Gathering of more than 300 people

Gathering at an Indian Wedding
Indian weddings normally turn out to be a grand affair where people whom you haven’t spoken to in 5 years are still invited. You can’t really keep your loved ones from attending such a joyous event, but it is fine if you don’t invite your father’s 2nd cousin’s daughter’s son. Such events are very expensive, and you’re paying for each and every guest attending the function.

2. Lavish decorations all around

Wedding decorations
Jaw dropping and gorgeous decorations are strewn in every nook and cranny. But at the end of the day, you shouldn’t   compare yours with anyone else’s because all the memories are going to fade away in a short span of time.

3. Be prepared, it’s a 3-day celebration!

Packing for an Indian wedding
Indian wedding celebrations are carried on for many days. So, plan accordingly and start saving your vacation days from now onwards.

4. Largely sought after hand-decorating party

Hand Decorating Party
One of the sure short events hosted is a mehndi party. Mehndi is put on the bride along with the rest of the females attending the ceremony. As per the Indian culture, it is believed that deeper the color, the stronger the bond of love the groom shares with the bride.

5. A new outfit for each event

Indian Dresses
One would require wearing new clothes for each different event on every different day, and then of course different accessories would be required to match every outfit for each event. This can simply lead to hurting of your ears from heavy earrings or one or more red scratch marks on the body due to the outfit or the spinning head by trying numerous hairstyles with hundreds of bobby pins.

6. Custom of stealing the groom’s shoes

Stealing Groom's shoes
On the wedding day, it gets down to the serious ritual where traditionally, the groom’s family attempts to protect his shoes from the bride’s side who are trying to steal them. Sometimes this turns into a battlefield where the bridesmaids get their outfits torn in the process of stealing the shoes.

7. Range of buffet style meals

Meals at an Indian wedding
Indian weddings normally comprise of countless number of options to choose from in the food department. However, as there are a large number of guests in attendance, the line is always long. It can make you feel like you’ve been waiting on the line forever and unable to figure out why the line isn’t moving forward.

8. Open Dance Party for all

Dancing at Indian weddings
Indian weddings are also quite popular for the best dance floor parties. A blend of old school, retro and new Indian and American music is played. The best part is that everyone can be seen on the dance floor breaking it down. Even if you can’t shake a leg but as long as your hands are in the air with your body swaying in every direction you’re having the time of your life.

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